Craie bags are handcrafted in our workshop, from high quality leather. To offer unique collections, we work in partnership with tanneries, which produce exclusive leathers for Craie. Leather is a noble and natural material that will evolve, patina, beautify with time and wear. We strongly advise you to waterproof it regularly and avoid any contact with water. You can also use a neutral moisturizer to restore its shine and smoothness. Dry cleaning is recommended, to clean the canvas without damaging the leather,


For your canvas & leather bag: if you have a small stain on the body of the bag (cotton), you can clean it with clear water and Marseilles soap or take it for a dry cleaning. If you decide to do it on your own with soap, be careful not to put water on the leather, it could damage it. If you have worn a lot your bag during the season, just to give it a little refresh for a new start, we recommend to take it to the dry cleaner for a little pamper.


The calfskin used to create rigid bags is selected for its thickness and robustness. As it is natural, we can see different shades of colors, small veins and irregularities that give character to this genuine leather. Your bag is delicate so you must avoid folding it and especially wetting it. We advise you to waterproof it regularly and to avoid any contact with water.