Snaps are hidden under the small buckles allowing you to quickly open and close your bag. Do not undo the buckles from the little straps to avoid loosing them. If you lose one of your buckle, don’t worry, we propose replacement pairs in neutral colors on our website. For questions or help selecting the right color, you can contact Leslie : hello@craieboutique.com. By sending her a photo of your bag, she will give you her best advice !


Most of our bags are designed to be transformable, that is, to be worn in a variety of ways. The Maths, Objectif and Sphère models are reversible, as well as our tote bag Polochon. You just have to grab the bottom of the inside of the bag and flip it over, to discover it backwards with a brand new look. To finish the transformation, take off the small buckles and put them on the new side and move the little top handle from one side to the other. 


The Maths, Objectif, Sphère, Equitation, Equerre and Micro models can also be worn as a backpack. You just need to pass the ring in the small handle on the top of the bag and also in the long shoulder strap of your Craie bag. Thanks to this little ring that will join the two straps, you will be able to grab the long strap on each side to carry the bag as a backpack.