Artistes Amoureux, Sébastien Germès and Camille Levai have always been interested in the Art, creation and travels from which they find their inspiration.

Attentive to the world around them and encouraged by stimulating encounters, they decided to launch CRAIE in 2012.A French brand of leather goods and shoes with a sweet name recalling this little white Craie allowing all creations, but remaining ephemeral; it fades and starts again as the fashion that reinvents each season.

Exclusive leathers

Each new collection is an opportunity for these two passionate to innovate and to constantly develop new techniques with expertise of craftsmen, in their Moroccan workshop, the cradle of leather goods. The leathers used are developed exclusively for the CRAIE collections, by Camille and Sébastien, in partnership with tanners in France, Italy and Morocco.

modular bags

Each piece of goods is composed with care and singularity : the bags are reversible, the straps are adjustable to adapt to each of our daily needs. CRAIE  has this resolutely modern vision of leather goods: audacious and playful, without compromising their quality. It is always with the same pleasure that these two alchemists watch this noble material evolve and patina with wear and use.